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Cherise Bangs Kruger

Ayurvedic Yoga Therapist, Reiki Master, & Tarot Card Reader

Welcome! Happiness is an inside job, but your external environment, daily habits, and energy levels all play a huge part in how you show up in the world. Sometimes, we need a shift in diet, mood, or our daily practice. Other times, we need an energetic realignment, and sometimes, we just need some guidance. That's where I come in.

My Background

Balancing body, mind and spirit through Yoga and Ayurveda | Energy work through Reiki | Intuitive guidance through Tarot

I was born in San Francisco at home to two hippie yogis. It wasn't long before we had a family band and were hanging out at yoga farms. Creativity and yoga were always in my blood.


I started dancing when I was three and continued on to acting and modeling. The move to Los Angeles brought several television, film and commercial endorsements. Comedy and impersonations were always my specialties. 


Over the years, I deepened my life-long yoga practice to become an Ayurvedic Yoga Therapist in 2010 and have also become an international teacher. I love coaching people to be the best version of themselves through Ayurvedic consultations, private yoga/meditation sessions, sound healing, Reiki, and Tarot card readings. I love being a mom and care deeply about the environment and all mankind.

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Contact Me

To book a full Universe In Me session, which includes a Tarot and Angel Card reading, along with a tailored Ayurvedic consultation, and Reiki, simply fill out the contact form below. You can also book any of the above services à la carte. 

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